2015-09-26-17-26-28-copyBeing able to gauge favorable development is rewarding. It may be difficult to see changes on a daily basis, but improving and moving in the right direction little by little every day will surely pay off. A sense of worth is gained when it is earned over time. We reside in a time and place of unrest if results are not immediate. This is an unfortunate twist of events. I’ve learned over time to appreciate the trials because had I not experienced pain I wouldn’t truly know what joy is. Having to have gone without has made me more loveable, understanding and considerate. When we experience pain and struggle we unknowingly become more perceptive and a little less naïve. I’m certainly not where I thought I would be at this point in my life, but I am ready to step out of my comfort zone, become a little more bold and courageous and show the world who I know I am in Christ. I may not be where I’d like to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.

It reminds me of little Simba in the LION KING where he was workin’ on his ROAR!!!! At first it was weak and frail but as he kept trying it grew LOUD & STRONG. I’m going to ask you all to do a favor and check out a periscope video I posted on my Facebook Fan Page around Christmastime. It’s a humble attempt at making the shift. I was shaking, nervous, insecure and fear had gripped me. I became quiet, withdrawn and anxiety ridden. It came on suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. Things were looking up for me in so many areas, yet I was struggling with all of these foreign emotions. Looking back I think I was, and truth be told still, am really missing my brother. He died unexpectedly, my first quarter ever in college, on finals week; I wanted to just retreat but had to stay strong for my family and especially his little ones.

Summer2010I wanted to give up just as badly then as I did last winter, but promised both times I’d turn things around and I’m beginning to feel I’m well on my way. You see, after I posted that video people started calling me that I hadn’t talked to in years. Thanking me for sharing my struggle publicly, many of them were struggling with the same hurt and didn’t know how to pick themselves back up either. It’s funny because many of those who reached out to me, I have looked up to and saw them as strong role models. We never know what type of impact we might have on others. I was asked wholeheartedly by all of them to keep doing what I’m doing and speak even if my voice shakes…. It’s good to know I made a difference in even one person’s life.


Stepping out of our comfort zones can be paralyzing. This is a perfect example. Funny thing is…. Once you do it, you will discover that many others are fearful as well, and taking the first step can make a huge impact on those you would never have known struggle with their own insecurities. Be brave and share your story. Your voice can reach numerous people who would never have been comforted or validated any other way. You are strong, You are beautiful, You are worthy and You have a gift within You…. Do yourself a favor and share it with those around you. You’ll be glad you did. Please feel free to share this blog with friends, family, co-workers, loved ones, strangers…. and connect with me on social media… I promise to keep bringing you valuable information to help you grow both in your personal and professional lives…. Let’s make this the Year of Increase in all areas Personal, Professional, Health, Travel, Relational and Spiritual. Anyone with Me?


20 thoughts on “Workin’ on My ROAR!!!”

  1. This is a point in my own life, where a turnaround is happening.
    For years I had been professionally stagnant, fearful and without the confidence to truly start something new.

    I think the biggest impact for the turnaround was realizing that I have unseen help not only beside me, but as a part of me, as promised in a very important book!

    Thank you for your work of love, may it be blessed!


    1. Therese,
      Thanks so much for visiting and connecting here. I hope you continue to do so often.
      I’ve found that as the years go by I’m beginning to realize how important it is to
      step out of our comfort zones if we want to make a difference in the lives of those
      around us. We do have help around us, and within us. So thankful for Gods grace to
      keep getting up when we stumble and his mercy to continue to get up when we fail.
      While seeking out a name for my website I did a little research on the meaning of
      Charisma and discovered that the biblical meaning is “Gift of Grace” What a great
      thing to Celebrate! A sweet reminder to keep moving ahead. Enjoy Your Week!
      Much Love and Many Blessings to You!

  2. This is beautiful Cary! Thank you for sharing your story, it mustn’t have been easy. That roar of yours will stay ignited, being kept in Christ. I have a nice quote on trials that I thought I would share with you:

    “Do not look forward to what might happen tomorrow; the same Everlasting Father Who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace, then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.” -St. Francis de Sales

    God Bless,

    1. Hey Jeremiah,
      Thanks so much for the verse you shared. I love it. Why waste your precious time
      worrying about what will happen tomorrow right. Live in the moment and be make
      the most of your time. Time really is priceless, and precious.
      Love and Blessings!

  3. Hi, Cary

    I thank you for sharing your history with me. I haven’t lost any brothers or sisters and don’t know what you have been through. But I have lost people I care about and know pain and grief. Life can be hard to understand but when we are able to stay strong it can make us stronger. Like you have experienced. I wish you the best best in your future.


    1. Thank You Tove,
      I’m sorry for your loss as well. I know people say that time will heal all wounds. I don’t believe that to be true… at least not as of yet. Yes, over time the pain gets more bearable however, still remains. I hope you are enjoying your week so far and thanks again for visiting my site.
      Have a Blessed Day!

    1. Helen,
      So sorry to hear you’re also familiar with this. I wouldn’t wish this loss on anyone. I’m just grateful that God is faithful to comfort and protect. I hope you have a beautiful week.
      Love and Blessings!

  4. Thank you Cary for these great insights in getting out of your comfort zones. It is a real struggle these days to remain positive as we are all bombarded daily with negative messages from the media so it very important to remain strong and value the important things in life ( God, family, friends etc ). As for losing loved ones unfortunately I am at the age ( 73 ) where each year more and more of my family and friends pass away so it can be difficult, without having a positive outlook on life to pick oneself up after each passing..

    1. James,
      Thanks for your insight. You are so right about getting older and having to deal more often with loss. It’s important to have a great circle of friends, good family and faith in God to carry on. So happy to have had you visit and hope to hear more from you soon.

  5. Cary, Thank you for sharing your story and helping others. This is how we will have a better world. God truly wipes away our tears.

    I lost my mom and though I always feel some pain from my loss, it gets easier all the time. Now, I can smile when I remember her and the tears are less.

    Thanks for sharing and remember Whose you are.

    1. Josephine,
      Thank You for visiting and sharing of your experience. So sorry to hear of your loss. I love your advice of remembering Whose we are. Beautiful!!!
      Much Love and Many Blessings!

  6. I recently stepped out of my comfort zone big time and I felt okay for a month but now I feel not so secure. How I can go over come that, do you have any recommendation?

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I understand falling back into old insecurities. I still struggle with that more than I’d care to admit. The way I’ve gone about getting myself in the right mindset again it’s to surround myself with good people who are already there. (people who are happy and goal driven and wish to see me succeed in all I put my mind to) Someone once told me if you’re the smartest, happiest, most driven person within your circle of friends; it’s time to expand your circle. Makes sense, or at least gives us something to consider. Hope this helps. Have a great weekend.

  7. You’ve done so well to step out of your comfort zone in spite of all the pain and difficulties you were experiencing, that is very inspirational. The great thing about that is that you have gone on with this and that you are now leading by example and showing others how to do it.

    I can see that through your relationship with Christ that you have stepped boldly out in faith and that He has rewarded you which is wonderful to see and also how He is using you to help others, well done, your roaring nicely now.

    1. Thanks Adrian,
      Stepping out in faith its not always easy. Oftentimes we have to do it blindly and afraid. I’ve realized however that the more we do things out of our comfort zones, the easier it becomes. It seems that the more vulnerable we are, the more freely God can use us to help others who are hurting. I feel authenticity creates healing. Hope you have a blessed weekend. ~Cary

  8. Hi Cary,
    I love what you’re sharing here. Good for you! I find myself much in the same place, forcing myself just beyond the edge of comfort so that I may enjoy the exhilaration of growth and development.
    I appreciate what you mentioned right off the start about it being difficult to recognize the changes in ourselves on a daily basis, but over time, the results do come. I recently likened it to your kids growing. When you’re with them all the time, you don’t notice the subtle changes so much each and every day, although you’re aware things are evolving. But when a friend or family member pays a visit after not having seen the kids for a while – whoa! They can immediately see the difference. And I think our personal growth is much the same.
    Keep up the great work you’re doing with your site! Wishing you health, happiness and all the success you desire as you continue on your journey.
    Best wishes,

    1. Kevin,
      Thanks so much for visiting. I love your analogy of our changes, being ever so small in our own eyes, liked to our children growing over time. You’re so right. My youngest is a senior this year. My heart already hurts. As happy as I am to see her grow into a beautiful young woman. It’s bittersweet knowing my time alone with her is limited. Growth is good and change can be to.:) Thanks again for stopping by and hope to see you back often.

    1. Valina,
      Thanks so much for visiting. I agree, a great attitude will definitely carry you through many places in life which would be near impossible to get through without. The combination of a great attitude and the Grace of God is priceless. I so appreciate your shared interest in supporting and inspiring others to be their best.
      Much Love and Many Blessings!

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