The Secret to a Good Life is to Never Stop…


  1. Smiling… Give Smiles Away like Confetti ~ The More You Smile ~ the Happier You Become Funny Principle Huh? Sometimes You Have to do Things Before You Really Feel Like Doing Them… Smiling is Contagious ~ It can Change a Mood ~ Turn Someone’s Entire Day Around
  2. Dreaming… Always have a Dream in Your Heart ~ Dream Big and Share Your Vision Work on Making Your Vision Come True
  3. Loving… Continue to Love the Unlovable Give it Away
  4. Hugging… Hug Those You Love & Hold… Your Loved Ones Close Life is Short and Can be Taken in Unexpectedly in the Blink of an Eye
  5. Giving Thanks… There is Always, Always, Always Something to Be Grateful for ~ Look for Opportunities to be Thankful
  6. Learning… Learn Something New Every Day ~ Keep your Eyes Wide Open & Keep Your Mind Sharp
  7. Playing… Dance in the Rain ~ Swing at the Park ~ Roller Skate ~ Skip Rocks ~ Jump Rope ~ Build a Snowman ~ Go Skinny Dipping in the Dark ~ Color Outside the Lines
  8. Laughing… Giggle ~ Belly Laugh ~ Grin
  9. Thinking… Keep Your Mind Sharp ~ Do Long Hand Math ~ Pick Up a Crossword Puzzle ~ Read a Book
  10. Wishing… Wish of Falling Stars ~ Pennies from Heaven ~ Turkey Wishbones ~ Loose Eyelashes & Daisy Petals
  11. Forgiving… Be Quick to Forgive ~ Don’t Hold Grudges~ Forgive Often & Keep Moving Forward
  12. Healing… Heal Organically ~ Enjoy Gods Gifts of Sunshine ~ Rain ~ Snow ~ Wind ~ Grass ~ Mountains & Water
  13. Expressing… Share Your Feelings ~ Express Your Emotion & Be Authentic
  14. Appreciating… Be Mindful of People ~ Moments & Things to Appreciate
  15. Believing… Don’t Ever Stop Believing ~ Believe in People ~ Plans & Visions
  16. Cherishing… Cherish Your Loved Ones ~ Health ~ Happiness & Memories Creating… Continue to Build & Construct
  17. Hoping… Never Stop Hoping
  18. Living… Get Up & Get Moving

14 thoughts on “The Secret to a Good Life”

  1. Love you passion and fun outlook on life, The secret of good life is living life to the fullest,overcoming adversity, smiling when you don;t feel like it. Love this article and I hope you continue to grow in your business with WA. Thanks and Best wishes,

    1. Anthony,
      Thanks, I couldn’t agree more. It can be difficult trying to fit in in this big, big world.
      It can be scary, mean and even flat out ugly. That’s why it’s so important to hang with those
      who you lift you up and don’t dear you down. It’s true that you can tell which direction your
      life is headed by looking at your 5 closest friends. We need to choose wisely. I hope you
      have a blessed week and come back to visit often.

  2. I love your post! I like the way you express yourself. It was very motivating and encouraging to read. And everything you say say is so true!
    I believe it’s very important to be grateful for what you have, because there is always something you can be grateful for 🙂
    I also think it’s important to have hopes and dreams, and go after them, chase them.
    Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Mira,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond to this post.
      It’s often difficult to stay grateful but the payoff is so worth it.
      It really does seem to take more effort to be grumpy and cruel than
      it does to just buck up and be happy.

  3. This is a great list and something that people should keep in mind everyday. Most people take a lot for granted and don’t realize how precious things are and how precious life is until it’s gone. Doing the things you mentioned will definitely help in living a full and fulfilling life. Great list!

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