I recently went through a 4-week class in which a new church I started attending tells us about their beliefs, goals, mission, etc…. They gave personality tests in which I will blog about in the near future, (very cool). In the back of the workbook was a daily devotional. I am going to be touching on a few of them, and hope you find them as relevant to your life as I did mine. The first devotion was on quitters, campers and climbers. They talked of all the mountains Jesus climbed in the bible and what a victory it was to finally reach the summit of each mountain. People climb mountains for various reasons. Among them are…. just because, challenge, necessity or merely for the risk it involves. To climb a mountain takes great skill and effort. You have to have patience, strength and endurance. One of three results will occur: the climber will quit, camp or continue to climb.

Illustrated below are each phase.


Quitters – This is a stage where the person attempting to climb the mountain gets tired. They begin to complain and talk about how dire their circumstances are and how unfair things are. Those who overcome do NOT quit.


Campers – The stage in which climbers decide to camp is when they become content or satisfied with where they currently are. They don’t feel the need to go any further. They’ve lost the drive to continue and accept the place they are. This is a shame because at this place it is usually just shy of the summit.


Climbers – Climbers continue when their bodies start failing them, when they are bleeding, blistered and near broken. Climbers reach the summit. They endure and find victory.


  • Where do you find yourself finishing in the climb?
  • Are their areas in your life where you’ve just thrown in the towel and quit?
  • Are you just camping out in other areas?
  • What can you do today to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and begin to climb again?
  • what areas of your life do need to give to God and ask him for His help to carry you to the summit?

I found these questions rather intriguing. I was able to identify areas in my life where I was actually doing pretty good. However, in many, many… yes, many other areas I found myself falling short and either quitting or camping. Sometimes life throws things at you that seem to smother out the drive, this is where we need to seek out and rely on the “Charisma” or (Grace of God) to carry us through. We must intentionally CLING to HIS grace.

Graduation Day!

The only way to reach the top is to keep climbing, through the pain, through the blood, sweat and tears. Someday I’ll share more of my story on overcoming adversity and perseverance… It took me over five years of college as a single mom in which I lost my brother, his best friend, two of my best friends and two classmates, it was heart wrenching and near impossible at times, but I did it! …… and oh how sweet to reach the top and look down over the bumpy road you had to take to reach the summit. You can see for what seems an eternity. You are literally at the top of the world. The accomplished feeling you get is like none other. Keep Climbing. You’ll get to your destination.

12 thoughts on “Quitters, Campers & Climbers”

  1. Greetings Cary,
    Very nice and refreshing, btw I am a climber 🙂 I’m so very happy to hear you attended an event that focused on being an awesome individual, not much of that mainstream these days. I appreciate you sharing your perspective and hope all the best to you 🙂 As you say, Climb On!!!

    1. John,
      Thanks so much for visiting. And CONGRATULATIONS on being a Climber. 😉 The weekend was really Amazing!!! I believe it’s important to keep inspired and encouraged, this happened to do the trick. Happy Climbing to you! Hope to see you visit often.

  2. You are so right. I can readily identify a few places in my life where I am just camping. Although I don’t know that I’ve just quit on anything, I do know that it is possible, and that is only through God’s grace that I can continue to climb after I’ve camped or quit. It’s tough sometimes to stop relying on just our power, but it is definitely worth it in the end. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Pete,
      I think most of us hand in the camp area. There’s nothing WRONG with camping out if you need a BRIEF REST, however the issue lies in not getting back up and continuing the climb. God’s grace definitely helps to keep moving forward. We run into problems when we try and do things within our own strength. Thanks so much for reading and don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  3. I so agree with you. Every one of us has our own trials and tribulations on this Earth, it’s how we deal with them that separates us from the rest. If your reading this than you are no quitter, quitters just give up, they don’t try to find ways to get them through. Campers will sit back and let life pass them by, just sit there until something catches their eye. If this is you, just remember, God helps those who help themselves. So stop camping out, get up, dust yourself off and keep on climbing. Also God won’t send you anything you can’t handle and if He brings you to it He WILL get you through it. Always keep looking up, you will get there.

    1. Elisa,
      Thanks so much for visiting. You GET IT! Just the mere fact that someone is reading this proves that they are NOT a quitter. It’s important to push through the pain in any circumstance. Sometimes one has to camp a bit to catch their breath and revive so they can pick themselves up and carry on. The important step is to NOT camp out too long (don’t get so comfortable camping that you decide to stay). That’s right… Baby steps… one step in front of the other. So glad to have met you here and hope to stay connected.

  4. I love it!! This is the type of stuff I write about but you always have to love another viewpoint on things, right? Plus I love the use of alliteration in the title, even if it was accidental…

    1. Brent,
      I appreciate your feedback. I’m gonna have to look you up. I love getting different viewpoints on things. Please stay in touch and I look forward to checking out your site. Have a great week.

  5. Hi Cary,
    What you are doing here is truly wonderful! Even though our circumstances change where one day we can be on the mountain top and then quickly be in the valley our Lord Jesus Christ is with us no matter what. Sometimes climbers need to come up beside the campers and the quitters and lift them up with encouragement and love. And I have also found that as a climber, I can learn much from quitters and campers. We can help each other. What keeps me climbing is Joy in the Lord! He deserves all the glory!

    May God bless you for caring so much about others and I will be back to keep up with your site. Keep climbing sister! :))

    Many blessings,
    Lynn Drew

    1. Thanks Lynn!
      So nice to meet you and so glad you took the time to visit my site. I have to admit I’ve been a bit of each
      over the years and a climber is what I intend to stay! It’s ALL about helping one another on the journey!
      We all experience ups and downs and encouraging eachother to persevere is necessary. Have a blessed weekend!

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