1473268572216Welcome to Celebrate Charisma! A place to meet with like minded people. Enjoy a well deserved break during the day. Created to uplift and encourage you to finish the day off strong. Stop often. Introduce yourself. Tell us what you do, likes dislikes and feel free to share with us anything that you feel could brighten someone’s day. As we continue to grow we’ll be adding new pages. Give us some insight as to what you’d like to see. I’d love for this to be an interactive site. Some pages I’d like to see incorporated are Inspire, Care. Encourage, These three in particular are the core of this site… It was created to Inspire, Care and Encourage others. Education, Health, Friends, Prayers and Praises are more that will begin to appear over time. Share this site with your friends. Lets get a community started where we help one another get through the days victorious. I will include links to other great places to find what you’re looking for to reach your goals, whatever they might me. Thanks for stopping be sure and tell a friend and come back often. Good people need to Inspire one another!
Founder of Celebrate Charisma!