MeI am a mom, sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend and encourager. I have three amazing kids, Dezarae, 23, Dakota, 21 and Journey, 17. My mission is to encourage and inspire individuals to discover who they are in Christ, find their God-Given Gifts and live them out in such a way to honor Him in all they do. My life is a continual work in progress and my heart is to be a light to everyone I encounter.

I love God, people, clean eating, healthy living & helping others find their place in this big and sometimes scary world. My desire is to help women (of all ages and stages of life) improve upon where they currently are while enjoying  their journey to happiness and contentment through encouraging them to stretch beyond their limits and take risks. Whether it is to try a something different or just get better at what they’re doing.

It’s so easy to get stuck along the way, to feel lost and not have a clue how to get out of the pits we oftentimes find ourselves in. I know… believe me, I’ve been there many a times (and for much longer than I’d even care to admit). What I’ve discovered through each and every struggle, loss and blow, is that through it all, three things have continued to carry me through. The Grace of God (Charisma), a good attitude, and serving others have been the tools needed to not only persevere, but overcome.

I’ve learned that by putting to practice these few simple steps, moving forward and reaching goals (thought far too difficult to tackle) become much less of a struggle. I refuse to sit back and watch women flounder through life not believing there’s a way out of their despair. I’m determined to help women who are willing to try a different way to discover their worth through a series of action steps to encourage and motivate themselves to step out of their comfort zones and become the absolute best they can be. You see, it is through the fear, pain and struggle that they discover their worth. Through sheer authenticity that they can be used of God to live out their lives with purpose.