So, You all know that there are things that can be done to help you be more organized and proficient with your time. Below are 5 easy life hacks that will allow your days to run a little more smoothly. They’re very no-nonsense and are easy to incorporate.


Have you ever lent a piece of clothing, music, movie or anything for that matter out to a friend or family member and next time you go to use it (albeit a day or a month later… ) unable to find it? Yep!!!! that’s happened to me more times than I’d care to admit. Well, have I got a great solution to that problem for you.

  • Next time someone wants to borrow something from you, take a PHOTO of them with the item they are borrowing, write the date on it, have them initial it and put it on your fridge. When you get the item back have them sign it again and you know it was returned. Problem Solved. 🙂   

Spending the day running errands and don’t want to forget everything on your to do list? Perhaps you had to park in a huge parking lot or worse yet a ramp.

  • Pull out your cellphone and take a quick picture of the inside of your fridge or snap a shot of which parking lot you parked your car. This will help save time in trying to recall what you need or where you parked.


Ever been either too hot or too cold? Perhaps both in the same day? I’ve been in such hot sun in Arizona that I needed to cover up and then went to a movie and froze in the AC.

  • Solution…. Carry a big scarf in your purse. When the sun gets too hot that it burns, use it to protect your skin and get some shade from the sun, then cover yourself up when you go to watch a movie in the frigid AC. The scarf will have ya covered… literally. 😉


Headed out for the day but don’t want to bring your huge wallet? Just want to bring your drivers license, a few dollars and your credit card?

  • Grab a black binder clip and there ya have it… A portable wallet that will hold all your items securely in your pocket or purse without having to lug around your large change purse.
  • Black Binder Clips can also be used to organize cords plugged into your computer. Just Clip them to the back of your table and run the cords through the silver handles.

Feel free to leave some of your favorite hacks below in the comments. I’m looking forward to learning some new ones.





28 thoughts on “5 Easy Life Hacks to Simplify Your Day”

  1. That is very useful piece of information. I often forget to whom I lend my books and then forget and later on keep wondering where I have kept it. Thank you for your very useful suggestions. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Jed! Ya, I actually had to put all of these to good use. Says alot about me huh? Oh well, anything to help. 😉 Thanks for the visit. Hope to see you around here again soon. 🙂 Cary

  2. Great Hacks! I am always losing my car in car parks, I have even gone to the wrong car and had that sinking feeling when it would not open. I live in Tasmania, Australia where we often have all seasons in one day so to speak, so for your scarf cover up idea I would have to use it as a sun cover, umbrella, and wind shield and a blanket! Thank You for some great ideas.

    1. Sarah,
      Thanks so Much for visiting. So glad to hear others can benefit from these few hacks as well as me. 😉 I must admit, I’ve used them all. Hope to see you here again soon.

  3. Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing this post about simplifying our day. Sometimes, little things really affect us; so why not do something about them before they do? Yes, taking photos to remind us of certain things can make a huge difference. By the way, I like the positive aura of your website. -Teepee

    1. Teepee,
      Thanks so much for visiting. So true about using small hacks before things become issues. Happy you found these hacks useful. Hope to see you visit often. Happy Monday! 🙂

  4. Cary these are some great tips! I already use my phone to take pictures of things I want to remember but what I am really excited about is your binder clip idea. I hate bringing my entire wallet places when all I need is my ID and the one card that I use. My wife is always worried I will lose them since they are not in the wallet. However I think the binder clip will give her a better sense of security. Thanks!

    1. Jeremy,
      Thanks for visiting. I’m happy you found the binder hack useful. As a girl, I tend to always carry a couple with me in my purse. They’re great for quick trips or looking outings when we don’t want to lug our heavy purses. This saves or shoulders and backs. 😉 Thanks for tyre visit, hope to see you back often. 🙂

  5. Lol, such an ingenious life hack. Ya, when I was young, I acted very hasty and tend to lost a lot of stuff and was a bit disorganized but the back clip hack is great !

    1. Thanks for visiting Arthur. So glad you found something you can use to help make things easier in those times when you can’t remember where you’ve put things. 😉

  6. I love your 5 Easy Life Hacks and it is simplified indeed. But I can’t help to think this write up is for women. Because you talked about how you felt hot in Arizona and how you felt cold in a movie and you used your scarf to cover up. I guess that is only applicable to women. Anyways, I found your tips useful and they make a lot of sense and I will sure communicate that to my wife.

    Thanks again.

    1. Nnamdi,
      Thanks so much for your comments. I lived in Arizona a few years and in Texas a few. In both states it was actually men who I saw use this trick with the scarves in the heat. They used bandanas which they put on the back of their necks under their hats. It prevented them from getting sunburned. I can however say, I hadn’t heard of them using them to stay warm in cool AC. The binder clip works very well for men to keep their credit card, cash and drivers license together with out having to bring their whole wallet. So yes, they can be used for both! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. I appreciate the conversation. 🙂

  7. You have some great ideas here, in particular using the black binder clips. There are times when I go out for the day or evening, but don’t want to carry a big handbag with me. I’ll definitely try using the black binder clips as a cheap and easy alternative. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hey Yvonne,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad this hack might be helpful to you. It’s been a lifesaver for my neck,
      back and shoulders as I tend to carry way too much in my purse. 😉 Hope it works well for you. Have a
      great week.

  8. Very helpful advice. We carry our cell phones everywhere and we can use them in so many ways. I am going to remember to take pictures of where I parked my car because I’m always rushing around and then forget. Great advice! Love the scarf idea too. As far as my life hacks, I keep an open journal/appointment book opened up at my computer so the first thing I do is look at my day and schedule my day.

    1. Thanks for visiting Linda! Yes I’ve pulled out my cell phone to take pictures of where I’ve parked often. Sadly, I’m a bit directionally challenged. I’m gonna have to try your journal hack too. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂 Cary

  9. Great stuff. Smartphones have made it a lot easier to do a lot of stuff, and we can and should use them for our benefit. We have a powerful camera in our pockets, and taking a photo of your fridge is a great way to remind you, same with taking a photo of the parking space. I think that if you often misplace something, you should take a photo of it every time you put it down, so you never forget where it is.

    1. Thanks Ben,
      Isn’t it crazy how cell phones have evolved over the years? They can be so useful. I remember a few years back having been so grateful for my cellphone. You see my computer crashed and I had 2 weeks left in the quarter. I was blessed to have had the ability to use my cell phone for my homework. My whole curriculum could be accessed through my phone so I didn’t fall behind. Albeit it was more steps and a bit more difficult to do, I made it through the quarter with only muy cellphone.

    1. Helen,
      So glad you found something to help with this issue. I am queen of forgetting where I park.
      This small hack has saved me so much time. Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you again soon. 🙂

  10. Great tips! I’ve actually used your parking lot photo tip several times especially in parking lots that I’m not familiar with and it works great! Your tip about photographing the person you lent something to made me laugh because my wife and I always tease my mother in law that she always forgets that she borrowed things so we should take a photo of her with the item. We were just saying that for fun and never actually done it but maybe we should!

    Thanks for your tips!

  11. Andy,
    I’m so sorry to be just finally getting back to you. I did leave a comment when I received yours however apparently it didn’t go through. I’m so glad you find these tips helpful. I think the snapping a quick shot with the person borrowing your stuff is my favorite. It makes me giggle too. 🙂 Silly but efficient.

  12. Cary, I had a moment of nostalgia when reading your scarf tip. It actually wasn’t about scarves but about the cold from ACs in the summer. And in fact about the heat from ACs in winter. Having lived a significant portion of my life in British Columbia prior to moving to Tasmania, I have been fully affected by the stupidity of shops, theatres, restaurants and the like with regard to their air conditioning modus operandi . Brilliant thinking; in summer when everyone is dressed for the sun and warmth let us freeze anyone who comes into our building; in winter when everyone is bundled up against the outside cold let’s put the AC right up and broil them.

    I remember going into department stores in Vancouver and immediately falling into a huge sweat (whoops perspiration). And then having to hunt for an assistant because they were all outside trying to cool down!

    1. Helen,
      Crazy thing! That seems to happen no matter where ya live. When I was in Arizona the sun was blazing hot but as soon as you’d go into a mall or anywhere indoors the ac was cranked so high our lips and fingertips would turn blue. 😉 I use the scarf trick all the time. 🙂 Thanks so much for stoppin by! Hope to see you here often.

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